In 1981, Fu Long Food was built by Mr. Chung-Han Yu. From 1990`s, Fu Long had three different Master Butchers from German and Switzerland as our plant director. They impart years of experience and oversee our production more than two decades. We offer competitively-priced and premium gourmet food to our customers produced by world-class professionals. From the early 2000`s, Fu Long launched a blooming expansion as more people enjoying Western Food. In 2005, a second plant was built and began a varied production line and business. At the same time, a second brand, Fu Foong Food, was established. Our production lines follow the classic western tradition and modern processed meat technology. Our consistently high quality meats are always your solid foundation. Food Safety is our deepest passion and mission. Behind our wide product variety, customization is what we can provide for your meats. All kinds of pate, sausages, hams, coldcuts or specialty cured meats are our passion. We’re always your eyes and hands for customization. Our friendly, knowledgeable and extremely accommodating staff is always be pleased to serve your mission.